Govt.Employees and Pensioners by Dr.NTR Vaidyaseva Trust - Guidelines

Rc 222 Uploading  Medical bills in CSE website from 1-2-2017



Govt. Orders:-  

Andhra Pradesh Integrated Medical Attendance Rules, 1972

G.O. Ms. No.105 APIMA Rules - certain amendments to Go Ms 74

Go. Ms 74 APIMA Rules 1972- Recommendations for revision Accepted

G.O.102 Death Relief

Go Ms 397 Enhancement of Medical Reimbursement to pensioners

Go Ms 68 PRC Recommendations

Go. Ms 29 - Allowances PRC recommendations

Go Ms 38 Private hospital within and outside state

Go. Ms 152 - Maternity leave enhancement to 180 days

Go. Ms 162 Guidelines for recognition of private Hospitals

Go. Ms No. 180 - Scrutiny of Medical Bills - MLA, Ex MLAs

Go. Ms 346 Scrutiny of bills upto Rs. 50,000

Go. Ms 579 - Admission and treatment - Pensioners - NIMS ans SVIMS

Go. Ms 155 Leave Rules - Enhancement of EOL for certain diseases

Go. Ms.136 - Relief in case of death of family pensioners

Go.Ms 52 Special Leave - Hysterectomy

Go Ms 87 - Inclusion of Family Pensioners

GO Ms 97 - Fixation of Bed strength for Super Specialty Hospitals

GO Ms 106 - Guidelines for recognition of Private Hospitals- Amendment

Go Ms No 299 - Medical Officers - MLA qtrs dispensaries

Go Ms No 342 - Proposal Medical Officers of MLA qtrs dispenaries - Amendment

Go Ms No 477 - Guidelines for Recognition of Private Hospitals - Prescribing MOU

Go Ms No 601 - Sanction of Medical reimbursement upto 3rd spell   

Go Memorandum No. 2113- Instructions regarding treatment of open heart surgery cases - out of state

Go Ms No 98 - Raising of maximum ceiling limit from Rs.75,000 to Rs.1,00,000 for major ailments

Go Ms No 175 -Admissibility of Medical Expenditure with 20% cut without referral from NIMS SVIMS in cases of emergencies

Go Ms No 445 NIMS-Reimbursement of Expenditure �Simplification of procedures

Go Ms No 544 - SVIMS -Eligibity for medical Reimbursement

Go Ms No 580-Medical Treatment Cardiac SurgeryGo Ms No 1274 - APIMA Rules 1972 - Amendments