LTC Leave Travel Concession for AP  | LTC Application Form | LTC Rules

                 LEAVE TRAVEL CONCESSION (LTC) for AP and Telangana States -TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE (TA): Reimbursement of expenditure incurred by the Government employee and family members to travel from his Head Quarters to Home Town / Any place within the state is called as Leave Travel Concession or LTC. You Can Download LTC Application Form, Model Proceedings and all GOs below. As per Rule 92, (Annexure VII), of APCS(TA) Rules,1996, The Government employees are permitted to avail Leave Travel Concession in a Block Period of 4 years to visit ‘ Home Town’ during the first block of two consecutive calendar years and may avail this concession to visit any place within the state during the during the second Block.

1.            As per G.O. Ms. No.151, Finance (TA) Department, dated:04.05.2010 Government employees were permitted to avail Leave Travel concession to go to any place outside the State also but within the country, together with eligible family members during the second Block period of two years subject to the condition that their claim shall be restricted to the last point in that direction within the state.

2.            As per G.O.Ms.No. 98 Dated: 21-05-2011. Government permitted all the Government employees of Andhra Pradesh to travel anywhere in India on Leave Travel Concession once in entire service, during second part of the Block period, upto a maximum distance of 3,500 Kms to and fro, and subject to restricting the claim to Rs.12,500/-. The other terms and conditions shall remain same as mentioned in the reference 2nd cited.


Check List & Rules for LTC Leave Travel Concession :- 

1. To be sanctioned to the Government servant who had put in 5 years of service.

2. The permission granted to avail the LTC is given by the authority competent to sanction leave other than casual leave

3.Prior permission is obtained before commencing the upward journey

4.The Govt. servant should touch the destination for which he/she is permitted

5.The LTC concession is availed correctly with reference to block period

6. The claim is supported with money receipts in original

7.  The claim is preferred by the Govt.servant within 30 days from the date of return journey or otherwise 15% cut is imposed.

8. SR entry should be made and certificate in token of having availed the facility is furnished with the bill

9. Certificate stating that the spouse has not availed the similar facility is to be enclosed and attested by DDO

10. Bill shall be preferred in TA Bill form

11.From 1.4.96 onwards the LTC should be limited to only two dependent children. Any children born prior to 1.4.96 

          all the dependent children are eligible for LTC

12.Parents of Gazetted officers shall not be treated as family members

13. Parents of married female Government employees will be treated as members of family provided they are dependent on them

14. Pensioners cannot be defined as dependent parents in LTC

15.Journeys by private services or car, hired car, private taxis vans etc. shall not be allowed.

16. LTC should be allowed within the State only. If the Employee’s Home Town is outside the State the LTC Claim should be

      restricted to last point of the State in that direction only.

17.  LTC advances watch register should be maintained to watch the recovery of amounts advanced. 18. Govt.employees are permitted to travel any place in India on LTC once in entire service during second block period Upto a maximum distance of 3,500KMs to and fro and Subject to restricting the claim to Rs.12,500/-

18. LTC should not be availed during holidays. 

19. LTC travels can be performed but he/she should touch the destination

20. LTC can be availed by the Govt. employee himself and the family separately. But the employee has to avail LTC otherwise it will be lapsed